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This deviation was deleted

Wow, this is really amazing. Let's start with the cat. First off, your anatomy is very impressive. Not many people seem to study or notice feline anatomy when they draw cats. Along with whiskers, I liked how those were in there too. also something lots do not include.

The nice brush you used on the fur really brought out the colors. I can see the different shades of black in the fur too, indicating shading. The fact you made the scars that shade of pink if very good. And the background, I couldn't imagine better.The only thing imperfect I realized in the picture ( and you don't need to do this, it's amazing already ) is the upper part of Bone's muzzle seems just a teeny bit too wide. Besides that, a lot of people including myself have trouble drawing cat's muzzles sideways, and that alone in the picture impressed me. Great job on this!
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